The following are excerpts from testimonials some of our recipients have sent us. To read the full testimonials click the link below.

Full Testimonials

It is unbelievable how adog can be trained to work this way. He has helped my son become much more independent and he has literally changed his life!!
~Cindy, from Hawaii

I am so thankful for this beautiful dog and I love telling people about your organization. Thank you!
~Julia, from Michigan

I definitely would recommend Little Angels for anyone looking for a serve dog. Words can’t expess how much Sedona has changed my life.
~John, from California

Thank you. A million times over thank you. Our service dog is indeed a Little Angel. In just two weeks, I already see how she is changing our lives and helping.
~Laura, from California

Max is doing great. He is an absolute life saver and helps me every day! I am the happiest girl in the world!
~Jenna, from Florida

I feel that Ella has made me more approachable. Thank you so much.
~Simonetta, from Michigan

Because of my sons age Little Angels was the only one that accepted our application. Katie is truly a Godsend to us and is truly and “Angel!”
~Nichole, Ethan and Chloe Pinto

My seizures are mostly controlled by medication, but when I do have them, Blazer has alerted every time. The confidence I have to leave the security of home and go to college with Blazer gives new meaning to the word independence.

Bud is the most amazing dog and I am so blessed to have him in my life. He has helped me in more ways than one.
~Leslie and BudI honestly would not be able to imagine my life without my wonderful service dog, and without Katie and her amazing team. I highly recommend anyone who has a disability to not be ashamed of giving them a call. They truly can help you and will handle your situation with grace, comfort and patience.

What a wonderful bunch of people! We recently brought home a service dog trained by the whole team at Little Angels and not only is this the best trained dog we’ve ever met, they spent untold hours training us to handle her properly.

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