Our Purpose

The Little Angels Breeding Program exists to produce puppies to be raised and trained as excellent Service Dogs to assist the disabled. At 4-months-of-age we can usually determine which dogs won’t make it all the way through training. Puppies that would be uncomfortable with the many varying settings in public are adopted into pet homes. We have a very high rate of success with the dogs in our breeding program making it as service dogs. This is due to our training practices and the excellent breeding behind our dogs – to produce dogs with calm and loving temperaments, intelligence and excellence of health.

We place new Service Dogs throughout the United States every month. 

Our breeding dogs are loved and cared for by dedicated Breeding Fosters so they can live at home in a family environment and take fun trips to beaches and parks.

Volunteer Puppy Raisers are trained to raise the puppies in their homes and take them to work, school and any other public areas so that the puppies are properly socialized and prepared for their future work as a Service Dog. Once the puppies are old enough they come back to Little Angels where they stay at our facility for their Specialized Assistance Training and Certification.

The dogs in our breeding program are the very best, and they are treated as such! They are not left in kennels. We have many different families and individuals throughout the United States who provide Foster Homes to each individual dog. While we oversee the health and training of our breeding dogs, they are loved and spoiled in Foster Homes throughout San Diego. This ensures that each dog gets the individual attention that they need and deserve.

In order to ensure the quality of our puppies, all of our breeding dogs are either OFA certified for hips and elbows or have had PennHIP certification, have a heart clearance and CERF for eyes. Some of our dogs are also shown in the ring to prove the quality of their confirmation and breeding.

Our Wonderful Breeding Dogs:

The dogs in our breeding program are very special. You can often see a glimmer in their eyes, as if they know how very important their job is. As very proud parents, their offspring will have the life-long duty of helping a person who is handicapped and needs the day-to-day assistance that a service dog can bring. A dog will never have a more important job than that!

We breed yellow and black Labradors of the English bloodline, as well as English Cream Golden Retrievers. Our dogs are AKC and/or UKC certified with a pedigree of old and solid working lines. Some of our dogs were even born in Europe and have since been imported to sunny San Diego!


Angel – DOB 6/5/2014
OFA Readings: Hips good, elbows normal

Angel was the 6th puppy out of 11 in one of our precious litters out of Remington and Crystal. She is brilliantly smart, eager to learn, and as sweet and mellow as they come. She spent her first 3-5 months helping another mommy dog whelp and care for her litter of pups. She has a natural mother instinct that showed from a young age. It is a beautiful site to see how incredibly gentle she is with the newborns. Angel recently had her last litter, and has retired as a breeding dog. We have many of her pups still in training and preparing for placement. At this time Angel is living the rest of her life as a spoiled pet!


Birdy is an English Cream Golden Retriever who we imported from the Ukraine. In her first and last litter she only had one little pup (seen above) named Dove. Birdy’s not complaining though – they had a lovely mother daughter relationship. Birdy lives in Colorado with her Breeding Foster and is holding out for the right man to come into her life so they can settle down and give Dove some siblings.


Eve has passed health clearance for hips, elbows, eyes and heart, both OFA and PennHIP

Eve is an English Cream Golden Retriever with impeccable lines. She is both a breeding and demo dog for Little Angels. Her job entails being an amazing mother to her pups and once they are all grown up, showing off her skills and receiving cuddles and pets at our educational presentations. When she’s not receiving love from the masses she enjoys collecting stuffed animals, basking in the San Diego sunshine, and an occasional good, long roll in the mud. It’s a dog’s life! Eve recently had her second litter of pups with Gus, and they might just be the most adorable litter of dogs we have ever seen!


Luna is a gorgeous English Cream Retriever that recently had her first litter for Little Angels. She is a very sweet dog that craves love and attention. Away from her pups Luna will never leave your side and is happiest getting pet or scratched. With her pups, she’s an amazing and protective mom, always ensuring her babies are safe and okay. Luna enjoys life in Hew Hampshire, living with her adopted siblings and seeking pets from her Breeding Fosters.


Gus is a handsome English Cream Retriever and the brother of Luna and Birdy. He’s a sweet boy that loves human interaction. Gus has amazing lines and recently bred with Eve. They have had two amazing litters, at a total of twenty puppies together. Gus is now on his way towards showing in the conformation ring. Gus lives with his adopted sister and Foster Family in San Diego. He spends most of his day lounging on his people’s beds. Life is pretty cushy.



Atom is an English Cream Retriever that was loved by everyone on the ranch. Atom was always know as the dog that “could do it all” and that included making adorable puppies! Atom bred with both Luna and Angel, helping to produce a large majority of the pups currently moving through our system, or already placed as working service dogs. Before Atom graduated as an assistance dog he made a trip to the canine cryobank where we were lucky enough to reserve some of his little swimmers. Good thing too – he made beautiful babies. He is now living a wonderful life placed as a service dog helping his person. We miss him everyday!

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